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What items is it considered appropriate for a paladin to roll on when running dungeons before level 60 as a healer, but specced as retribution? I'm assuming it's fine for the paladin to roll 'need' on gear with intellect and +heal, which will usually be cloth or leather (classic itemization being what it is). Is it also normal to roll on gear that you would use outside of the dungeon as a ret paladin, though -- 2h weapons and mail/plate with strength (given that it has no defensive stats like dodge/parry)?

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I think it'll always depend on the composition of the group. The only thing you can do in order to increase your odds of success is to communicate about it in advance.

What I never think is acceptable is to roll on both the healer gear and the DPS gear (unless nobody wants them of course).

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I always saw it as roll on the gear that is appropriate for your role in the group. If you're a healer in the group then roll on healer gear and everything else is off-spec roll. Communicate with your party and ask them about certain items (Best time is to do this when everyone is traveling to the dungeon). It's better to ask before than to ask on drop as people will feel more pressured or annoyed.

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Caspus wrote:
1 year ago
I always saw it as roll on the gear that is appropriate for your role in the group.
This is how I do it, and most other people too based on my observations. People aren't going to get upset about their healer getting an upgrade. If a juicy item drops for your solo questing set, just ask the group if you can roll need. Again, most PUGs in my experience are going to be fine with it as long as you explain before rolling.

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As a shaman I just ask if I may roll on off-spec items or just wait and roll need if nobody else needs it. In my experience people are pretty chill and will let you roll as long as it's not "Dedicated BIS Rogue Shoulders".

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Be upfront, that is the best and most honest way to deal with dungeon loot distribution.

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Before you roll on loot that isnt for the role you are currently in the group, make sure the other player in that role don't need it. Put yourself in the situation how would you feel if someone else needs on your items as another role?

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Just ask about it. But tbh you'll probably see enough +int and +spirit gear drop while leveling to be fine. Just sit on some of that stuff.

Honestly, you can just communicate with people but also, you can just wait til people have all greeded, and just defer your roll until you know if someone else is going for it.

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When I leveled a ret paladin, I was just honest with my groups. I didn't want the healer gear unless nobody wanted it. I just told them I would be rolling on ret appropriate gear. If they weren't cool with it, I just politely bowed out. It never really stressed me out much though as the gear was going to be easily replaced through leveling anyways.

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Default: Roll on gear only applicable to your current role in the group. If you are ret, but healing a dungeon, you roll on heal gear you can use.

Always Acceptable Alternative: Communicate your main spec and ask your group to roll on that gear. I would never deny a player this right, and would seek a new party member if there was an issue regarding this.

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Pluuf wrote:
1 year ago
I think it'll always depend on the composition of the group. The only thing you can do in order to increase your odds of success is to communicate about it in advance.

communication was always the biggest part of groups back then that people actually communicated about drops. normally this happened while the run was going on and worked out usually with no issues, the groups I was in. Way, way different than Retail now.

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Pre 60 leveling dungeons, every group I have ran I have always said that if you need it, you need it and to roll for it. Its different in the 50 - 60 when you start to see pre raid BiS, but for leveling I am happy for anyone who can use it to roll on it.

I always built my own groups as I usually main druid and just fill any spot that is needed for us to fill the group fastest and am competent in any role and just said straight up "Hey guys if you need something that drops and you can use it on this toon, roll for it."

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